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NHD-8000 Head Light Setter 

Main Technical Specifications and General Description

NHD-8000 Headlight Tester is for testing the luminous intensity of the high beam of the vehicle headlight. The central deviation of the optic axis of high beam, the headlight height and the relative position of the turning point of the cut-off light of low beam can be tested manually. With the features of LCD interface, battery-operated and low power consumption. With the advantages of easy operation and accurate measurement, it is suitable for use in vehicle repairing and maintenance shops for adjusting and testing the illumination position of the headlight beams. Provide auxiliary angular calibration to headlight testers.

Measuring Range:

Central Height of Headlight 50cm 130cm

Luminous Intensity: 0 ~ 60,000cd(100,000cd)

Deviation of Optical Axis

Left and right Left 2 30 Right 2 30

(Left 40cm/10m Right 40cm/10m)

Up and Down Up 1 30 Down 2 30

(Up 20cm/10m Down 40cm/10m)

Indication Error:

Luminous Intensity of high- beam : 12

Inspection Distance: 50cm

Power Source

DC12V (Can be provided by cigar lighter of storage cell) cable provided

1 9v battery (for laser) provided

Power consumption: <1W (for the complete set)

Weight: about 30kg

Guide Rail: 100mm X 3000mm (length)

Outer Dimension:

605mm (Width) X 1750mm (height) X 595mm (Width)

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